Invisalign Advantages

Clear braces are sweeping the globe! Patients are stunned by the convenience and comfort of these stylish aligners. Invisalign has helped patients of all ages straighten their smiles right here at Hillsboro Dental Excellence.

Are you wondering if Invisalign is a good solution for your smile? Dr. Skinner would be happy to explain the benefits of Invisalign to you, and help you determine if these innovative orthodontics are right for you.

We have included some information about the benefits of Invisalign below.

Invisalign is…

Comfortable: Consider Invisalign when compared to metal braces. Metal wires may extend too far and poke and cut the cheeks. Brackets rub against the lips, so braces wearers need wax to stay out of pain.

Invisalign offers a world of comfort with a soft plastic material that molds closely to your teeth. These customized trays are designed to help you forget that you are wearing braces at all!

Aesthetic: Traditional braces significantly impact your look, but Invisalign allows you to keep orthodontic treatment a total secret. Invisalign looks a lot better than metal braces, and you can also remove them temporarily for special events. You can continue to feel confident and act naturally while you wear your invisible braces.

Effective: Are you worried about wearing braces for years before you see results? Dr. Skinner strives to design Invisalign treatment plans that are complete in an average of about one year. Not only will you see results quickly, but you will also feel great while you wear your braces, so you won’t have to count down the days to the end of treatment.

Effortless: Brushing and flossing around brackets and wires can be a near-impossible task. Invisalign is removable so that you can brush and floss your teeth thoroughly within just a few minutes. You can also eat without worrying about restrictions–just remove your braces and enjoy.

Want to talk more about investing in your smile? Dr. Skinner would be glad to meet with you and discuss your options at Hillsboro Dental Excellence. To schedule your visit, give us a call today!